Puke, Diarrhea, and Righteousness

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February 5, 2013 by Dwight Bernier

This morning was a very non-typical morning.

My eldest son, Nehemiah, usually wakes up and lets everyone know, including his brother who’s asleep in the same room, that he is awake. He will gradually crescendo in his mantra of, “Daddy, I’m awake”, until I arrive in his room. But this morning, he was scream-crying, which made me dash out of bed and into his room, hoping to save his brother, Malachi, from waking.

When I arrived in his room, he was sitting up in bed, wanting to hug me. Rather than rebuking him for his screaming, I hugged him. You know, just trying to be a good dad. But then the volcano that was his stomach let loose. I will spare you the details – but “stuff” went all over me, his bed, pillow, pajamas, and rug. It was one of those paralysis through analysis moments, where I didn’t know where to even start. As I write this, we are still cleaning up and restoring order from the sickness that happened in the house. Lots of bathroom trips, diapers changed, and funny quotes from Nehemiah. “Dad, I got the diarrhea.” Hilarious in the midst of nastiness.

The day was disgusting. The sickness caused a stench to permeate our house. We are cleaning everything. There is nothing glamourous about vomit and “the diarrhea”. There is nothing exciting about changing diapers every half-hour, all day long. But our kids are clean. They are not sitting in their filth. Their beds don’t have remnants of their puke. We cleaned it all. And when something got dirty again, we cleaned it again.

These types of days remind me how incredible the work of Jesus really is. Zechariah 3 gives the image of Joshua, the high priest, in clothes covered in crap. And God gives him new ones. In First Corinthians 6.11, Paul reminds them that they were filthy before, but “you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God”.

What astonishes me is not the fact that I have been bathed, but the intricate cleaning that has and is taking place. Cleaning kid’s clothing, rugs, and bodies is difficult, in that the vomit gets places that it just shouldn’t be. But sin gets in even deeper, even grosser, even more reviling places – and yet the Spirit gets at every place, and says “Clean!”

Our flesh and the enemy want to remind us of all the areas that we aren’t “up to par”. But the Spirit wants to fix our eyes on the One who was perfect in our stead, who was never sick with sin or it’s flu-type effects, who never had to be cleaned up, yet who came for those who were sick. And He’s washed us, and is making us perfect.

Thankful God doesn’t leave us in our filth to feel our sickness, but rescues us and washes us, and sends us to tell of the only One powerful enough to remove not only the effects and stench of death, but death itself! And regardless of how filthy we are, He can and will wash us so that we can enjoy Him!


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