Missional Community Multiplication & Gathering Location


February 4, 2011 by Dwight Bernier

A couple praises for what is going on with Initiative 22.

First – on February 20, we are multiplying our initial core group so that we can have two missional communities. We are looking into a third possible one as well. Just waiting to see what Jesus does in that area. So, we are really excited about this opportunity to essentially double what we are doing now and getting the opportunity to be on mission more geographically and with even more intention.

Second – we found a place to gather our missional communities together on Sunday morning. We are using a ministry building downtown in a great location (rue Pierce, which is one street west of Guy, and connects Maisonneuve & Saint Catherine). It is amazing how it all came about – and how simple it went down. So we will start meeting there at some point in March.But we aren’t officially launching a service until September.

We are also waiting on our website, which will be ready around the end of February. But until then – we are starting a blog for Initiative 22, which I will give the address to when it is finished.

So – we’re excited at what Jesus is doing. We’re having a big superbowl party at our place this weekend and expect this to be part of the celebration of what is happening with Initiative 22!

Pray for us – as we have a lot to get ready for the multiplication & new gathering.

Excited & Humbled.


One thought on “Missional Community Multiplication & Gathering Location

  1. Jillian says:

    This is awesome news Dwight! I pray for you guys often and am so excited for the next phase of Initative 22 and the new updates! Hope to see you guys sometime this summer!
    Till then, I’ll be partnering with you in prayer!

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