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November 22, 2010 by Dwight Bernier

Last night at Initiative 22 missional community, we talked through identity and who we are in Christ. We walked through the reality that we have been given a new identity in Christ because of the gospel. And now, we are a part of God’s FAMILY on MISSION sent to SERVE our world and continually LEARN to walk in His ways.

We are using four identity markers to help us understand who are in Christ and to help us understand what our calling is because of the gospel. So, here are the four identity markers (much thanks to Soma Communities for helping with these).

1 – family – we are children of God who live and care for each other as family. So we will:

  • Speak the truth in love and submit to one another in this
  • Refrain from gossip or slander and be reconciled when we do
  • Forgive one another
  • Pray for one another
  • Bear with one another
  • Meet together regularly

2  – missionaries – we live actively as missionaries sent by Jesus to make disciples. We believe we are sent to:

  • People in our everyday lives (Atwater area, co-workers, neighbors, schools, etc.)
  • The specific mission that we are going to do in our area. This could be with a local school, food center, YMCA, borough service, etc. We want to be about doing something well in our neighborhood and committing ourselves to that. There will always be a million things we could do – but we want to know our mission and what we are called to as a community on mission.

3 – servants – we are servants of God who serve others as a way of life. We are committed to serve by:

  • Having a specific area related to our mission that we serve in. We don’t have that yet as a missional community.
  • We will also see what projects in our area we can do as a missional community to seek the welfare of the community.
  • We will also serve one another.

4 – learners – we take responsibility for our own discipleship and the discipleship of others. We will devote ourselves to:

  • Regularly gathering for equipping with our local expression.
  • Working through an assessment to determine equipping needs for those in our missional community
  • Developing an equipping plan in light of our assessments
  • Being trained in discipleship so that we can train others
  • Sharing the gospel with those involved in our mission area
  • We will all do some sort of spiritual discipline together. This could be that we all will read through the Bible or will do a study on prayer, etc.

What flows out of our identity will be the rhythms that we live out in lieu of who we are in Jesus. I will put that up here in the next week or so.

To know what we’re called to do, we must first know who we are.


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