What is a Missional Community?

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October 30, 2010 by Dwight Bernier

Our vision for Initiative 22 is to plant a missional community which multiplies and plants other missional communities. But when we talk to people about missional communities, often I think people are just polite in nodding as I talk about them. So, I’ve learned that soon after I drop the term, I have to explain what they are. So, thanks to some friends’ definitions and clarifications of the term, here is what we’ve put together (most of it borrowed from guys like Jonathan Dodson, Tim Chester & Jeff Vandersteldt):

“A geographically-based group of people (10-15) who gather throughout the week to share ordinary life & truth, love God and one another, and seek the social and spiritual welfare of the city. M.C.s are where the church can be the church to one another and to the city”

These are not simply small groups, hang outs, cell groups or house churches. Nor are they communes where people just all move into together. These are people who see the gospel and the implications of it for themselves, one another and the city where God has placed them. Therefore, we live for Jesus, in community & on His mission, for His glory and our enjoyment.

Our vision for missional communities is that they will one day come together to make up a larger gospel community (which is really what the church is). But our emphasis will be heavy on the missional community side. We are both/and people. We need both larger gathering and the missional communities.

So… if you want to come check out what I’m talking about, come on Sunday evening @ 5pm. You can email me to find out our address (initiative22@gmail.com). We eat together, pray, share our stories, and talk about the gospel, community & mission.

Here is a video about missional communities:



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