First Missional Community meeting tonight…

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October 17, 2010 by Dwight Bernier

After six years of knowing my calling to Quebec, four years of knowing my calling to Montreal and being called to plant gospel communities, sixteen months of raising support (and most importantly getting married to the most amazing wife and having an incredible son), we are finally having a meeting about what we’re called to do in planting missional communities called Initiative 22.

It’s very surreal to me. This is literally where God has called us to partner with Him in what He is doing here in Montreal. I’ve been thinking a lot about Montreal this morning. I’ll have more to write as I’ve been contemplating Montreal and Haiti since I heard some testimonies of a few friends who went to work with an orphanage in Haiti for a week… But that will come later.

So, anyways, we are starting tonight. We will meet at our place from 6:30pm until we’re done, which should be around 8pm. I am laying out my story, my calling, our vision for Initiative 22, talking about what a missional community is, and what our values are – Gospel, Community, Mission. We want people who feel called to be a part of what we’re doing to know that this is only going to happen because of Jesus and His initiative (Initiative in our name) and His message (First Corinthians 2.2 “22” – For I determined to know nothing except JESUS CHRIST and HIM CRUCIFIED”). That is what we’re about.

So, if you live in Montreal and want to hear what we’re doing, then email me ( and I can give you directions here.

Excited to talk with people about Jesus, His community & His mission tonight!


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