Just moved to Montreal…

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October 6, 2010 by Dwight Bernier

So… it’s been quite some time since I updated this – but figured that I should probably get back in the rhythm of writing and doing it somewhat for the purpose of updating others without flooding their inboxes with “updates” on what we’re doing.

Now… we have just moved to Montreal, got our health care cards, are hooked up to internet, tv & phone, have cell phones, are unpacked (for the most part), have figured out we must stop comparing US prices with Canadian prices on groceries, gas, etc., have started speaking French again, etc., etc., etc. There is so much that we’ve done in just a few days. And nothing is easy – because we have no real history in Canada, so everything is long and drawn out when dealing with cell phone & cable companies. But anyways – it’s all good.

So, our task for the month of October is to familiarize ourselves with our surroundings, meet our neighbors, hang out with people, speak French, and start meeting with the people who we are going to be working with in our role with Christian Direction & with Acts 29. So I have to meet up with the clergy working in the downtown this month for my job. I also need to meet with our core group and people interested in our planting missional communities. We are meeting for the first time on the evening of October 17th at our place. It’s amazing that this is happening! It was such a dream for so long – and now we are really here.

So, please pray for us as we get started with life here. People keep asking how long we are staying here. My response is “hopefully for life”. I love it in Montreal, I love the gospel and how Jesus has already been building His church here and putting things in place for His glory – and we just get to walk into what He’s already been doing.

We have some really exciting news in regards to our planting missional communities – but I’ll have to share that tomorrow.

~ Dwight


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